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"Her hands were pictured and sculptured often. Their tapering loveliness was almost unbelievable, found in one who did the things she did. Yet for all their slim, bug­fingered grace, they were singularly capable and strong." - The hands of Amelia Earhart, described in Soaring Wings, by George Putnam, local editor and Amelia's adoring husband - i.e., "Mr. Earhart".

Index of Corvallis Oregon, Community Pages

1st Children's Crusade (Hamelin, the Piper)

1st Crusade, Peter the Hermit, Accounts

1st Crusade, Fashion Plates

1st Crusade, Account of Richard the Pilgrim

1st Crusade Against the French Cathars (Albigensians)

1st Crusade Against the Sicilians (Vespers)

10 Commandments,Miner's  California and Oregon Gold Rush

100 Years War, Courtrai

100 Years War, Tales From Froissart

1601, by Mark Twain

1812, English Seizure of American Sailors, Messages from the Leopard

25 Point Program of the Nazi Party

2nd Crusade, Eleanor of Aquitaine

2nd Crusade, Eyewitness Accounts

2nd Punic War, Cornelius Nepo, 25 B.C.

2nd Oregon Volunteers, War Criminals, Phillipines, 1898

3rd Crusade, Recipes

3rd Crusade, Blondel of Nesle, Richard the Lion Hearted

$30,000.00 Bequest, Mark Twain

4-H, Corvallis

4 Million, O. Henry

4th Crusade, Reprimand from Pope Innocent

4th Crusade, Memoirs of Robert de Claris, eyewitness

4th Crusade Memoirs of Geoffrey de Villehardouin

4 Vagabonds, Rosie the Riveter

40 Centuries of Ink, Carvalho, David,

5th Crusade, Francis of Assisi

5th Crusade, Parzifal and the Grail

6th Crusade, Frederic II

6th Crusade, Account of Phillip de Novare

7th Crusade, Account of Abouabdoullah Muhammad Billah

7th Crusade,Lord of Joinville's Memoirs

8th Crusade, Illuminations of Louis IX

Abd-el-Hakem, Ibn Conquest of Spain

Abolition of Slavery, Mexico, Father Hidalgo, 1810

About This Site

Acadians (Cajuns), Deportation

Adams, Ansel

Adams, John, Alien and Sedition Acts

Adams, John Quincy, AntiMasonic Party

Ads, for Opium, Heroin, 19th Century

Addams, Jane, Hull House

Addams, Jane, Peace and Bread in Time of War


Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound

Afghan War First, English 

African-American Shipbuilders, Vanport, Portland, WWII

African Americans, Oregon Laws Regarding

African Americans, WWII

Airplanes: Flying Machines, Construction and Operation (1912)

Airport, Corvallis

Airport, Eugene

Airport, PDX, Arrival and Departure, Current Status

Alaska Gold Rush

Alaskans, native account, Wreck of the St. Nikolai


Alcohol, History, in Corvallis

Alcohol, Recipes, Mixed Drinks

Alexander II, Assassination of, Kropotkin Account

Alexander II, Csar of Russia, Emancipation of the Serfs

Alexander VI, Pope, Borgia

Algeria, History of

Algeria, Photos of French assassination

Algeria, Text of Secret Franco-British Treaty to Sieze Maghreb

Algerian War

Aloha 'Oe, Traditional Hawaiian, Written by Queen Liliuokalani

American Legion, Baseball

American Legion, Organized Violence

American Legion, Attempted Putsch

American Revolution

Anabasis, Xenophon

Anan, Strait (Northwest Passage)

Ancient Book of Formulas, Potions, Louis de Claremont

Anderson, Hans Christian

Anderson, Hans Christian, and Jenny Lind

Antarctica,Wilkes, Charles, Discoverer, and Corvallis

Anti-Asian Movements

Anti-Catholic Movements

AntiGerman Cartoons, WWI

AntiGerman Movement,WWI

Antimasonic Party

Applegate, Jesse

Applegate Trail

Appomattox, Pickett's Letter to His Wife

Arabian Nights, Sir Richard Burton, Nineteenth Century Translation

Arabic Influence in South Europe, Sicily

Aragon, Katherine of, Coronation, England

Aragon,Ferdinand,Isabelle,Privileges,Prerogatives, Columbus

Arbuckle, Fatty

Aristotle, on the Direction in Which Drunks Fall

Armenian Literature, Sempad Shahnazarian 

Armenian Literature,William Saroyan

Armonica, Benjamin Franklin, Playing

Armstrong, Louis

Art, Children's, Spanish Civil War

Art, Painting, Corvallis

Art, Northwest

Art of Haruspicy, the Etruscan Discipline

Art, Punic

Art, Russian

Art, Turkish

Artaud, Antonin, Dramatist, Surrealist

Artaud, Antonin, Theater and the Plague, by Anais Nin

Artaud, Antonin, Who Am I?

Asa-Asa, Louis, A Slave's Account

Ashcroft, John, U.S. Attorney General

Ashcan School of Art

Ashland, Oregon and Henry Clay

Assize, Bloody, Canadian, 1814

Astor, John Jacob

Astor, John Jacob III


Ataturk, Kemal

Audobon Society, Corvallis

Augustine, St.

Augustine, St., the City of God

Augustus, Caesar, Resume

Aurora Oregon, Second Awakening

Austin, Stephen, Correspondence

'Authentic Sioux Indian Music', Chataqua Circuit, Corvallis

Automobiles, Clubs, Swap Meets, Tours

Averroes( Ibn Rushd) On the Harmony of Religions and Philosophy

Avvakum, Russian Orthodox. Old Believers

Avery House Petting Zoo

Baal Cycle, Phonecian Saga

Bacon, Kevin, Actor

Bacon, Sir Francis, Writer

Bacon, Sir Francis, Writer

Bacon, Sir Francis, Writer(II)

Baden Powell, Boy Scout, Winston Churchill on

Baghdad, Sack of, by Mongols, Turkomans, Ottomans, English, George Bush

Bailey, Margaret Jewett, Writer, Ruth Rover, the Grains

Ball, John, Journal, 1832

Banks, Louis Albert, Homily

Barbary, US Treaties With

Barlow Road, Bike Trip

Barlow Toll Road

Baltic History

Barrymore, Ethel, John, Lionel, Suppression of Film on Rasputin

Baseball, Negro Leagues

Basketball, OSU (multiframes)

Basque Poetry

Batuta, Ibn Adventures

Beard Charles, Eminent Historian, Resignation

Beautiful Mind, A

Beecher, Henry Ward, preacher, abolitionist 

Beecher, Lyman, preacher, abolitionist, Second Great Awakening

Beecher, Lyman, "If I Forget Thee O Africa"

Beers, Corvallis, Oregon

Bells of Christmas Day

Bells of Europe

Bells of Europe, Rostov

Bells of Europe,Canterbury

Bells of Europe, Douai

Beer, Root, Ginger, Recipes

Beers, Homebrewing


Benton County

Benton County (II)

Beseiged by the Utes

Bestuzhev, M.A., Decembrist artist 

Bierce, Ambrose, Devil's Dictionary

Bierce, Ambrose, What I Saw at Franklin

Big Foot

Billings, Hammett, 19th Century Artist

Billy 'the Kid'

Bird Breeding Atlas, Oregon

Birth of a Nation, Klan Film, Woodrow Wilson

Blackbird, Andrew, History of the Ottowa Chippewa

Black Code of Louisiana, Bernardo De Galvez

Black Sox, Chicago

Black Tulip

Bluebird Recovery Project

Bly, Nellie, Reporter, Traveler, Prize Winner

Bly, Robert, Poet, "When William Stafford Died"

Boccaccio, 1250 A.D.

Body Piercing, Corvallis

Boleyn, Anne, Speech before Execution, For Bearing Henry VIII No Sons

Bomark Nuclear Missiles and Corvallis

Bonn, Ken 6 months in Thailand every year on 6 months Landscaping in Corvallis

Bonus March of 1932

Book of Dede Korkut

Book of Hours

Boop, Betty

Booth, William, General

Borgia, Alexander, Lucrezia,Cesare

Bow, Clara, Flapper star

Bowman, Tim, Death of

Boy Scouts

Boxer Rebellion

Brady, Mathew, Photographer

Brethren, Swiss (Mennonite, AnaBaptist), Union of Children of God, 7 Articles

Breton, Andre, Surrealist note on friendship

Breton, Andre, Who Am I?

Britton, Nan, Child lover of President Harding

Brooks, Louise, Flapper star

Brooks, Preston, Savage Beating of Senator Sumner

Brown, Tabitha

Browne, J. Ross, 19th Century Humorist, Humanist

Brudos, Jerome, in Corvallis

Brueghels,Dutch Art

Bryant, Louise

Bryant, Louise,Fables

Bull Inter Caetera

Bundy, Ted, in Corvallis

Bunuel, Louis, Filmaker, Spanish Civil War

Burger King Diaries

Bureau of Cartoons, WWI

Burnet, Bishop, Peter the Great

Burr, Alexander, Vice President, Trial for Treason

Burroughs, William S.

Burroughs, William S., Haxan

Bus, Dial A Bus

Bus, Greyhound

Bus, Municipal

Bush, George, Decision to Walk Out of the United Nations

Bush, George, Make the Pie Higher, a Poem

Business Strategy Game (BSG-online), How to Win

Bushido, Zen and the Art of Divebombing

Butler, Smedley, Major General, USMC

Cabell Marsh

Cafe‚ Irreal, Literary Ezine

Cafes, Corvallis

Cafes, Paris

Calhoun, John

Calhoun, John, Mexican War

California and Oregon Gold Rush

Calligraphy, Arabic, and the Alphabet

Calligraphy, Turkish

Call of the Wild

Cameron, Simon, Ambassador to Russia, to Abraham Lincoln 

Camp Meetings, Second Great Awakening,Philomath locale

Campaigning Songs of the 19th Century

Campbell, Thomas Franklin, Monmouth, OCE, 1869

Candide, by Voltaire

Canterbury Tales, Chaucer

Capone, Alfonso

Cappucino, Inventor of, Marco d'Aviano, Canonization by Pope John Paul

Car living, Corvallis

Cardero, Jose, Art of

Caregivers, Home Health

Caregivers, Volunteer

Carnegie, Andrew

Car Living, Corvallis

Carlysle, Thomas

Cars, Corvallis

Carthage, Dido, Queen of Carthage, by Marlowe, Christopher

Carthage, Periplus" of Hanno, Account of King Hanno of Carthage's Sea Voyage Along the African Atlantic Coast

Cartoons, WWI

Carvalho, David, 40 Centuries of Ink(1900)

Casey, the Tree Climbing Wonder Dog, Corvallis

Cassidy, Hopalong, Cowboy

Cathars (Albigensians)

Cathars, Martyrs, Commemoration of

Catholics, Expulsion from Oregon

Cattle Raid of Cooley, Ulster Cycle

Cats, Kennels, Ferrel, Others

Cats, Vets

Cave Art, Spain

Cave Art, Sicily

Celillo Falls

Centralia Massacre

Cervantes,Miguel, Don Quixote

Chagall, Bella, Jewish Community Life, Russia

Champoeg, Vote for U.S. association

Chaney, Lon

Chaney, Lon, Hunchback of Notre Dame

Chaplin, Charlie

Chaplin, Charlie, Gold Rush

Chataquas, 19th Century, Early 20th, Corvallis

Chaucer, Geoffrey, Autobiographical Deposition

Chaucer, Geoffrey, Canterbury Tales

Cheese, Manufacturers, Specialty

Cheese, Making

Cherokee Rose, the, Story of

Cherokee, Trail of Tears

Cherry, Marascino, OSU Role

Chesapeake/Leopard Affair, 1809

Chess Records, Chess Brothers, Rock and Roll History

Chief Joseph, My Story

Chief Joseph, Pursuit and Capture, by C.E.S.Woods

Children, Child care, Corvallis, Little Beavers

Children, Execution of

Children, Oregon, Brown, Tabitha

Children, Special Needs

Children's Online Interactive Games

Childproofing the Home 

China, History

Chinese Exclusion Laws, Oregon

Chinese Exclusion, Oregon Constitution

Chinese Americans in the Civil War

Chinese-Americans in Corvallis


Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Project

Chips, Mr., Chihuahua Corvallis auto driver

Chocolate, List of Manufacturers According to Child Slavery Usage

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Recipes

Choctaw, Mississippi Band

Chrisley, Little John, Corvallis

Christmas Bells, Helen Keller's

Christian Science

Church of Latter Day Saints, Brief History of, 1839

Churches, Corvallis

Cid, El

Citizen Kane, the Script

City Council Emails, Corvallis

Civil War, Bells of Christmas Day

Civil War, English, Nehemiah Wharton's Account

Civil War, Oregon

Claremont, Louis de, Ancient Book of Formulas

Classics of Chinese Medicine

Clay, Henry

Clay, Henry, Abraham Lincoln Eulogy

Clay, Henry, Last Will and Testament

Clemens Scholarships, Philomath, and School Board

Cleves, Anne of 

Cleves, Anne of, Marriage to Henry VIII

Clubs and Organizations, Corvallis

Coast, Oregon, Tides and Other Charts

Codrescu, Andre, e-zine Exquisite Corpse (external link)

Columbus Day Storm 1964

Comedian Harmonists, Weimar


Comics, Classic

Confessions of an English Opium Eater

Consulting, How-To-Do

Convoys, WWII

Cook, Capt.James, Voyages, Account

Cornelius Nepo, Hannibal 25 B.C.

Corrie, Rachel

Cortes, Fernando, Tenochtitlan

Corvallis, Capitol of Oregon

Corvallis Police Department, Difficulties

Corvallis Police Department, Press Release on Budget

Corvallis Schools

Corvallis, Montana

Corvallis, Political Organizations

County Budget (very large)


Covenanters, Scottish, Confession of the Scottish Kirk (Church)

Cox, Ted, Corvallis Author

Credit Mobilier

Creffield, Joshua

Cremation of Sam McGee

Crew, Linda, Corvallis Writer

Crime and Punishment, by Dostoevski, Fyodor

Crimean War

Critique of Separation, Debord, Guy

Cromwell, Oliver

Cromwell, Oliver, Letter to a Brother On the Death of His Own Son


De Barros, João

Dafoe, Daniel, Journal of the Plague Years

Da Gama, Around the Horn, Journal

Da Gama, Vasco, India

Daguerrotypes, Technique

Dana, Charles, Sec'y Navy, Civil War

Dance, Corvallis

Dance, Russian

Daniels, Trish, Interview for City Council seat

Dante, Alighieri

Darwin, Charles

Darwin, Charles, and Corvallis

Daumier, Honore

David, Jacques Louis, French Artist

Da Vinci, Leonardo On Painting

Da Vinci Days

Davis, Jefferson

Davis, Jefferson, on Slavery

Davenport, Homer, Oregon Cartoonist

Dean, Lucy Liu and Jessica

Deaths, WWI, Oregon

Debord, Guy, Critique of Separation

Debs, Eugene, Free Speech Imprisonment

Decameron, the, Boccaccio

Decatur, Stephen, Barbary Wars

Decembrists, Russia

Decree Abolishing Feudalism, France

De Fuca, Juan

De Galvez, Bernardo

Degutyte, Janina, Lithuania, Lietuva

De Vere, Edward Biography

De Vere, Edward, Shakespeare

De Vere, Edward, Venice, A Love Affair

Deirdre (Longes mac nUislenn)

Dejima, Japan


Denke, Christian Moravian Church

Desnos, Robert, French Surrealist, poet

Department of Motor Vehicle Forms

Developers, Control of City Council

Devil's Dictionary, Bierce, Ambrose

Dido, Queen of Carthage, by Marlowe, Christopher

Dien Bien Phu

Divine Comedy, the, Dante

Dix, Dorothy, Reform of Psychiatric Care 19th Century

Dmitry, Grand Duke, Assasin of Rasputin

DMV Forms

Doctors, Nazi

Donaldson, Frances, Account of Gettysburg

Don Quixote


Dogs, Grooming, Trainers, Kennels, Vets

Donner Party

Don Quixote

Doors, the, Jim Morrison

Dorris, Michael, Modoc 

Dostoevski, Fyodor

Douglas, Frederick, Report of Speech on Texas 1846

Douglas, John, FBI, Model for Silence of the Lambs

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, Crime of the Congo

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, Mafeking, Siege of

Draper, Jim

Draper, Edith Squier

Dreyfus Alfred, the Affair

Drive-In Movies, Local

Droits Des Hommes, Les

Drug Cartels, 19th Century

Drug Labs, Corvallis

Drugs and Kids, Corvallis

Dubois, W.E.B., Civil Rights Leader, Early

Duchamps, Marcel, French Artist

Dumas, Alexander, The Black Tulip

Duchamp, Maurice, French artist

Durer, Albrecht, Dutch Art

Durer, Albrecht, Journeys to Venice and the Low Countries

Dutch Art, Brueghels

Dutch Revolt

E. E. Wilson Wildlife Refuge

Earhart, Amelia


Ecoterrorism, local

Eddy, Mary Baker

Eddy, Mary Baker, Science and Health

Education, Squandering of Generous Resources, 19th Century

Edward VI, Prayerbook, Wedding Ceremony

Egypt, Text of Secret Franco-British Treaty to Sieze Maghreb

Einstein, Albert, The World As I See It

Eisenhower, Dwight, Library

Eisenstein, Sergei, Filmaker, Russian

Elisabeth I, the Great, of England

Elisabeth I, the Great, of England, Dedication of  The Mirror of Her Sinful Soul

Elisabeth I, the Great, of England, Poems by

Ellington, Duke

El Lizzitsky, Russian Artist


Emiliani, Jerome, Founder, Somaschi Brothers

Energy, Assistance

English Civil War and Prayer, a Contemporary Satire

English Civil War, Nehemiah Wharton's Account

English Peasant War, Nat Wyler's Rebellion


Entertainment Magazines, Online,Local 

Equi, Marie, Dr.

Equiano,Olaudah,Life of 1789

Erasmus, In Praise of Folly

Erdrich, Louise, Native American Poet

Erwig, Gothic Declaration Concerning Jews, 680

Eugenics, Mutilation of the Poor in Oregon, OSU

Eugenics, Nazi

Euskana (Basque Language)

Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie

Everest, Wesley, Victim, Centralia Massacre

Everet Free Speech Massacre

Everett, Edward Gettysburg Address


Exquisite Corpse, e-zine of Andre Codrescu

Fall of the Moghul Empire in Hindustan, Keene, 1887

Fall Festival


Farewell to Arms, Hemingway,Ernest


Farmers' Markets, Corvallis

Federalist Papers

Felt, Mark, Watergate's Deep Throat

Field, Sara Bard


Filipino-Americans, WWII

Fillmore, Millard, Anti-Masonic Party

Filmmakers, Local

Finland, Winter War

Finley Wildlife Refuge

Fire bombing and atomic bombings

Fishing, The Compleat Angler

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Fitzgerald, Zelda Sayre



Flemish Weaving Guilds

Flemish Weaving Stitches, Medieval

Florentine Chronicle, Giovanni Villani

Flying Machines, Construction and Operation, 1896

Flying Machines, Construction and Operation, 1912

Food, Assistance

Football, OSU (multiframe)

Ford, Henry, 'The International Jew'

Ford, Henry, Nazis

Ford, Nathaniel, Slaver

Fort Hoskins

Fort Hoskins, Phil Sheridan

'Forty Eighters', German, in Corvallis

Foster Care, Adult, Local

Fourth of July, Corvallis, 1873

Francis of Assisi

Frame, Janet

Franklin, Benjamin

Franklin, Benjamin, Armonica

Frederick the Great, History of, Thomas Carlysle's

Frederick's Instructions to His Generals

Fremont, John

Fremont Street

French and Indian Wars (Dynastic Wars of Europe)

French Canadians and George Washington

French Catholics in Oregon

French Fur Traders in Oregon

Freyre, Ruy, Portuguese Commander, Hormuz. 1624

Froissart, Tales From

Fugitive Slave Act

Fuller, Margaret


Galileo, Documents from the Trial

Games, Kids, Interactive, Online

Gandhi, Mahatma

Gandhi, Mahatma, Death of

Gandhi, Mahatma, My Experiments With the Truth

Gardens, Garden Societies

Garfield, James, President, Assassination

Gauguin, Paul

Gavrilo, Princip, Serbian assassin of Crown Prince Ferdinand

Gay-Straight Alliance, Corvallis High School

Geddes, Jenny, Covenanter

Geese, Oregon

Geiser, Carl, Corvallis, Spanish Civil War

Geneology, Corvallis, Benton County

General Strike, Seattle, 1919

German Americans in Corvallis

Germans, Internment, WWII

Gettysburg, Address

Gettysburg, Battle of, Oregon Boys

Ghost Dance, Native American, in Oregon

Gillespie, Richard, Papa Toussaint

Glintenkamp, Henry, Ashcan School of Art

Godse, Nathuram Vinayak, Assasin of Gandhi

Goldman, Emma

Goldman, Emma, in Russia

Goldman, Emma, My Life

Gold Mine, Oregon, How and Where

Gold Rush, California and Oregon, Impact

Goon Show

Goose That Laid a Golden Egg, Aesop

Gordon, Lord Charles, Death in the Sudan

Gordon, Last Diary Entries


Grant, U.S., Credit Mobilier

Great Schism, Russian Orthodox Church

Greco, El

El Greco, Toledo

Greco, El, Stigmata of St. Francis

Greece, History

Greeley, Horace

Gretz Jewelers, Printing Designs, 3-D

Grief, Pioneer

Grunge Music, Heyday, Corvallis

Guadeloupe, Our Lady of

Guam, History

Guam, Chamorro Language

Guam, Spanish American War

Guiteau, Charles, Evangelist, Assassin of President Garfield


Gunn,Peter, Private Investigator

Guthrie, Woody

Gymnastics, and the German 'Forty Eighters'

Hagkure, Way of the Samarai

Hale, Edward, Gettysburg Address

Hamelin, Piper of

Hamilton, Alexander

Hangliding, Local

Hannibal, Cornelius Nepo, 25 B.C.

Hanno, Periplus, Along the Coast, Carthaginian Travels

Harding, Warren G., Pedophile, Namesake of Harding School

Harding, Warren, President, Pays Us a Visit, his Corruption Evident

Hari, Mata

Harlem Renaissance, early 20thCentury

Hart, WIlliam S., Actor

Harte, Bret, Plain Language from Truthful James

Harte, Bret, Collaboration with Mark Twain

Haskell, Frank, Account of Gettysburg

Hastings Cutoff (Donner Party)

Hausman, Raul, Russian Artist

Hawaii, Liliuokalani, Queen

Hawaii, Truth About, President Grover Cleveland

Hawaiians, in Corvallis, History

Heaven's Gate

Heceta Head, Lighthouse

Heceta Head, William Stafford Poem

Hemingway, Ernest

Henry, O., 4 Million

Henry VIII, Love Poems by

Henry VIII, Women Who Married

Herodotus, Histories

Herodotus, Inquiries

Herzen, Alexander, In Exile, In London

Hidalgo, Father Miguel, Abolition of Slavery, Mexico, 1810

High Desert Museum, Bend

High History of the Holy Grail

Highway Cams

Hill, Joe

Hog Futures

Hogg, T.E., Corvallis Bushwhacker, Sentenced to Death, Civil War


Holbein, Hans, Portraits of Henry VIII and Various Wives

Holladay, Ben, Stage coach, Railroads

Holliday, Billy, Strange Fruit

Holliday, Billy, FBI file

Holy Roman Empire

Holy Roman Empire, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

Homes to Buy, Corvallis, Search

Hood, John B., Franklin

Hoover, Herbert, Bank Failures

Hoover, Herbert, Bonus Army

Hoover, Herbert, Child hood Home, Newberg, Oregon

Hoover, J. Edgar, Red Feather Boa

Hopper, Edward, Ashcan School of Art


Horsemanship, Xenophon


Horses, Trainers, Breeders, Vets, Farriers, Hospitals

Hoskins, Fort, Phil Sheridan

Hospice, Benton

Hough, Emerson, on Lincoln, Mexico and the Civil War

Hough, Emerson, Washington Intrigues

Housing, Low Income Assistance

Howard, Catherine, Love Affair and Beheading

Howe, Juliet Ward, The Story of Mother's Day 

"Howlin' Wolf", WWII, Camp Adair

How the Other Half Lives, Jacob Reis, 1890 Tenement Study

How Would Jesus Raise a Child

HP48 Calculator Programming Fan Club

Hugo, Victor, Memoirs

Hugo, Victor, Poetry

Hughes, Langston, Harlem renaissance, Spanish Civil War

Huguenots, France

Humor e-zines

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Hus, Jan (Mennonite Predecessor), Final Declaration

Ibn Batuta, Journeys

Ibn Fadlan,Risala

Ibn Jubayr, Travels of

I Come From Salem City, California Gold Rush Song

I Ching, Book of Changes

Icons, Russian, Art

Identity Theft, Preventing

Iliador, Sergei Trufanov, 'Mad Monk of Russia'

In Darkest London, William Booth, Homily

India, Da Gama, Vasco

India, Herodotus, Histories

India, Ancient, Mathematics

India, Poetry

Inititiatives and Referendums in Oregon, Story of

Inquiries, Herodotus

Inquisition, a Torture Session, 1304 A.D.

Iraq, George Bush and the Looting of

Iraq, History of

Ireland, Birthplace, and the Army, Corvallis

Iroquois, Constitution of

Ireland, 6 Weeks in, 1847

Ireland, Condition of, Illustrated London News, 1849

Irish, Being, in Corvallis

Irish Literature

Irving, Washington, Oregon Adventure

Istanbul, the Unusual

Ivain, Gilles, Reort - Sire, I Am From Another Country

Jackson, 'Shoeless' Joe

Jadaan, Davenport Arabian

James, Jesse, and the Younger Gang

Japan, Decision to Walk Out of the League of Nations, 1933

Japan, Dejima, Nagasaki, Dutch Trade

Japan, History, Ancient

Japan, Nagasaki

Japan, Perry, Invasion of Japan, 1852

Japan, Shirabe Report

Japan, Russo-Japanese War, Declaration of War

Japan, Russo-Japanese War

Japan, Shimabara Peasnt Uprising

Japanese Folk Tale, from Sakuragaoka Girls' Senior High School

Japanese American OSU Student  Internment in Corvallis

Japanese Poetry

Japanese Poetry (II)

Japanese Theater, Kabuki, Changes

Jazz, History

Jefferson, Thomas, Concerning the Treason of Vice President Burr

Jessen, Nis, Study in Scarlet


Jesuits, Suppression of, Europe, Spanish America

Jewelers, Printing Designs, 3-D

Jim Crow

Jim Crow, Minstrel Shows

Joan of Arc

Job Finder, New York Times

John Archive, the

Johnson, Robert, Blues Musican, Early  

Joyce, James, Ulysses

Jubayr, Ibn, Travels 1184 A.D.

Judah, Benjamin, Slaver, Partner of Wallis Nash

Jugurtha, Sallust, 86 B.C.

Julian Hotel, Corvallis

July 4th, 1870, Corvallis

Jungle, Upton Sinclair

Kabuki, Japanese Theater, Changes


Kalepuyan Texts

Kamehameha I, Hawaii, King of

Kandinsky, Wassily

Keaton, Buster

Keene, Fall of the Moghul Empire in Hindustan, 1887

Keil, Wilhelm, Aurora, Second Great Awakening

Keller, Helen, Christmas Bells

Kennan, George, Siberian Exile

Khayyam, Omar, Rubaiyat

Kipling, Rudyard, Collected Works

Klamath Water Crisis

Kleptocracy, George Bush and the Corporate Skimming Scandals

Klunder, Bruce, Corvallis' Civil Rights Martyr

Khlysty, Siberian peasant sect

Knights of Malta

Knights Templar

Know Nothing Party

Knox, John The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women 

Koran (Qur'an)

Korb, Johann, Diary, Peter the Great

Korea, No Gun Ri

Kreisler,Fritz, 4 Weeks on the Eastern Front,1915

Kropotkin, Prince, Account of the Assassination of Alexander II

Kronstadt Rebellion

Kruppa, Gene, Drummer, Jazz

Ku Klux Klan, Oregon, Corvallis

Kucinich, Dennis

Kultum, Um, Musician

Kurowsky, Agnes von, and Hemingway

Lady's Guide to Perfect Gentility, Also a Useful Instructor in Letter Writing, 1857

LaFollett, Robert, Progressive Leader

Land Frauds, Defrauding Siletz Indians of Lands

Land Frauds, Defrauding Schools of School Lands

Land Lord-Tenant Mediation

Land Mines, Proposed International Treaty

Land of Fusang, Chinese legend

Lane, Joseph, Slaver, Oregon Congressman

Laughlin, Thomas B. , Corvallis priest, pedophile

LaVallee, R.L., OSU Repression of

Lawrence,T.E.(Lawrence of Arabia)

Lawrence,T.E.(Lawrence of Arabia)

Leading industries, Corvallis

Le Carré, John, The United States of America Has Gone Mad

Lee, Ann, Shaker, Second Great Awakening

Lee, Robert E.

Lee, Robert, on Slavery

Lefkowith, Michelle

'Lemon Check', for Potential auto buyers

Lenin, Vladimir, in Seattle

Leopold II, of Belgium

Les Miserables, Victor Hugo



Levellers, To the Right Honoravle the Commons of England 

Levellers, Vindicated

L.H.O.Q.Q., Duchamp, Marcel

Liberty Ship, S.S. Corvallis

Lighthouses, Oregon

Liliuokalani, Queen, Hawaii, My Story

Lincoln, Abraham, Campaign Song

Lincoln, Abraham, Duel

Lincoln, Abraham, Gettysburg Address

Lincoln, Abraham, Speech Denouncing the War Against Mexico

Lind, Jenny

Literary Classics, Dumas, Alexander, The Black Tulip

Literary Classics, Khayyam, Omar, Rubaiyat

Literary Classics, London, Jack, Call of the Wild

Literary Classics, Puss In Boots

Literary Classics, Walton, Izaak, The Compleat Angler

Literary Classis, Xenophon, Horsemanship

Literary Classics, Little Match Girl

Literature, Corvallis

Literature, Maghreb

Literature, Medieval Moslem

Lithuania, Janina Degutyte

Little Beavers, Child Care

Little Match Girl

Lok, Michael, and De Vere Edward, and the  Northwest

London, Jack, Call of the Wild

London, Jack, and Corvallis

London, Jack, Selected Writings

Long, Huey, Assassination

Long, Huey, Autobiography, an excerpt

Longes mac nUislenn

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Longfellow, Henry, Bells of Christmas Day

Lorca, Federico, Garcia de, Playwrite

Lost Pets

Louis VII, Gothic Architecture in Reign of

Louis VII, Illuminations

Louis IX

L'Ouverture, Toussaint, Wordsworth Poem

Love, Joe Meek, Falls In

Lowell, James Russell, The Present Crisis, 1844

Loyola, Spiritual Exercises of

Loyola, Spiritual Exercises of, Illustrated

Luccan,Lord, Speech Defending His Conduct

Ludlow Massacre

Lunar Rainbows

Lunar Rainbows, Yosemite

Luther, Martin, the 95 Theses

Lynch, Jessica, and the Hollywood Rescue Myth

Lynching, Corvallis

Lynchings, Oregon

Lynchings, WWI, of German-Americans


MacDonald Clan, Massacre of, at Glencoe, William III (of WIlliam and Mary)

Machada, Antonio, Flamenco Lyricist, Spanish Civil War

Machiavelli, Nicolo

Machiavelli, Nicolo, The Prince

Mad Hatter, USA

Mad Hatter, Lewis Carroll

Mafeking, Siege of

Mafia, Homepage

Magellan, Death of

Magic Lantern Show, History of

Mahan, Alfred, Sea Power

Mahdi, El

Malamud, Bernard, OSU

Malamud, Bernard, Self-Portrait

Malaspino, Alejandro, Spanish Explorer, par excellence

Malay Peninsula, History of

Maldives, Portuguese Invasion


Malta, Knights of

Manray, artist, Dadaist, Surrealist


Maquina, Northwest Native Chief, First Europeans

Marabele, Fate, Jazz Musician

Marascino Cherry and OSU

Marie, Grand Duchess, Assasination of Rasputin

Marconi, Guglielmo

Markham, Edwin

Markham, Edwin, Man With a Hoe 

Marlowe, Christopher

Marlowe, Christopher, Dido, Queen of Carthage

Marseillaise, La

Mathieu, Francois X., Champoeg

Matson, Gary, Virtual Garden

Mau Mau

Mayakovski, Russian Poet, Visit,1930 suicide

Mayor, Emails, Corvallis

McAlexander, USG (of OSU McAlexander Fieldhouse), War Crimes, 1898

McGonagall, WIlliam Topaz

McPherson, Aimee Semple

McQueen, Steve, Actor

Medieval Ottoman Navy

Meek, Joe, Mountain Man, Falling in Love

Memos from the Edge

Mentally Handicapped, Execution of

Mercury Radio Theater

Mercury Radio Theater(II)


Miki, St. Paul, Japan

Miles, general Nelson, Account of Wounded Knee

Military Orders of the Catholic Church

Miller, Henry, OSU President, Power Company 'front man'

Miller, William

Miller, William, Adventist, Apology and Defense

Miner's 10 Commandments, California and Oregon Gold Rush

Miro, Juan

Missoula Flood and Ice Age Forests

Mix, Tom, Cowboy

Modoc Indians

Moghul Empire, India

Mohr, Bernard, Photographer, Willamette

Moors, Spanish

More, Sir Thomas

More, Sir Thomas, Execution

More, Sir Thomas, the Irish Peasant to his Wife

More, Sir Thomas, Utopia

Mormon, Book of

Morocco, History

Morocco, Newpapers

Morocco, Text of Secret Franco-British Treaty to Seize Maghreb

Morrison, Jim, the Doors

Mosh, by Eminem, Campaign Hymn, 2004 Election

Motels, Corvallis

Mother Goose, the Original Rhymes

Mother's Day, Story of

Motorcycles, Parts Locators

Motorcycles, Tours, Events, Swap meets, Ezines

Mount Rainier, Creation of Park, Railroad Scemes

Mountain Cams

Mountain Man, Joe Meek

Movie Schedules

Movies, Silent

Mozambiquan Poetry

Muddy Creek

Muir, John, Mt. Rainier, Ascent

Mule, Killing of Cougar By, Photos

Mulligan, Spike, comedian

Murdoch, Rupert, Story of Fox

Murmansk Run

Music, Carthaginian

Music, Punic

Music, Yiddish

Mutiny on the Bounty, Bligh's Account

Mutiny on the Bounty, Peter Heywood's Account



Nanking Massacre, China,WWII

Napoleon I, Complete Memoirs

Napoleon I, Private Life, By Constant, His  Valet

Napoleon I, Complete Memoirs (zipped)

Napoleon III


Nash, John, A Beautiful Mind

Nash, John Autobiography

Nash, Wallis, English in Corvallis

Nasir-i Khusrau:. Diary of a Journey Through Palestine 1045 A.D.

National Archives, Steps to Using, in Research on U.S. Internment Camps for Japanese Americans in WWII

Native American Ghost Dance

Native American Pow Wows, Calendar, Northwest

Navy, Medieval Ottoman

Nehru, Announcement of the Death of Gandhi

Nei Ching

Newport Aquarium, Cam

Nijinsky, Vaslav, 'King of the Dance'

Nin, Anais

Nobel Prize Winne

No Gun Ri

Norris, Frank, the Octupus

Northern Pacific

Northwest Geophysical Associates, Ice Age Forest Discoveries

Northwest Passage, Search for

Nursing Homes, Local

Oakland Draft Riots

O'Reilly, Bill, Fox News, Unwanted Phone Sex Calls to Employees

Oat, History of, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Recipe

Octopus, Frank Norris

Oddfellows, Independent Order of

Office Cam, Jason's

Old Believers, Russian

Old Man River (Swedish Rendition)

Olsen, Ken, Barlow Road

Olsen, Ken, On the Santiam Road

On Painting

Onion, the

Opium Industry in America, 1896

Opium, In the Land of, New York Times, 1896

Opium Wars, Anglo-American

Opium War, Letter That Launched

Oppen, George, Mary, Poet, OSU

Opsopaus, John, Art of Haruspicy, the Etruscan Discipline

Oregon Coast, Cams

Oregon Coast, Forecasts

Oregon Country Fair

Oregon System, William S. U'ren and

Oregon Trail

Origin and Deeds of the Goths, Jourdanes, 550 A.D.

Orwell, George, Spanish Civil War

OSU Beavers Football

Ottoman Navy, Medieval 

Outlaws, Corvallis

Outlaws, Corvallis, and the Gold Mines

Owen, Matt, puppet science

Palast, Greg, The stealing of the 2000 Presidential Election, by George Bush and Katherine Harris

Palmer, Joel,, Superintendant, Indian Agents

Palmer, Joel, dismissal as Supt.

Panama Canal

Parenting, Discussion Forum

Parian Marble

Paris Commune

Parr, Katherine, Henry VIII, Married, John Foxx's Summary

Pascal, Blaise, Provincial Letters, 1657

Passing of the First-Born, BuBois, W.E.B.

Patapoffs, Russian immigrants, Corvallis

Patriotic Songs, Oregon, nineteenth century

Paulings, Linus, Ava

Pavlichenko, Liudmilla

Pearl Harbor, Attack upon

Pearl Harbor, Secret Order to Attack

Peltier, Leonard, My Life Is My Sun Dance

Peretz,Izkhok Leibush 

Periplus" of Hanno,Account of King Hanno of Carthage's Sea Voyage Along the African Atlantic Coast

Pero,Tafur, Introduction, Letts

Pero, Tafur, Travels and Adventures 1435 A.D.

Perpetua, Diary of, 200 A.D.

Perry, Commodore and Japan, Invasion of

PERS, Court Transcript

Pershing, 'Black' Jack

Personal Income, Statistics, Corvallis

Peter and Paul, Church of, Lithuania

Peter Romanov, the Great, of Russia

Pets, Lost and Found

Pets, Virtual Cemetary

Phillipines, History of

Phillips, David, Reporter, Prize Winner

Phone Sex - Bill O'Reilly and Those Nasty "Traditional Christian Values"

Aumsville, Oregon and Phone Sex


Peleliu, Battle of

Picasso, Pablo

Pickett, George, Account of Appomattox

'Pickett's Charge', Gettysburg, Oregon Boys

Pierce, William, OSU Physics Professor, Nazi Party Leader

Pizza Delivery


Pledge of the Citizens of Corvallis, Concerning the Iraq War

Pliny the Younger, Correspondence with the Emperor Trajan

Poetry, India

Poetry, Irish

Poetry, Japanese

Poetry, Spanish Moors

Pogroms, 1903, Russia

Pogroms, Sermon Against, Orthodox  Metropolitan  Khrapovitsky

Poland, History of

Poland, Rising 1873

Police Department, Corvallis

Police Department, Corvallis, Specifics in Complaints

Police Bias in Corvallis, Racial Profiling

Political Parties, Corvallis

Politicians, Corvallis

Polo, Marco

Polo, Marco, on the Tatars

Pope, William L.

Portland, Oregon

Portugal, History of

Portuguese Invasions

Post, Wiley

Post, Wiley(II)

Pound, Ezra, Poet

Pottery, Prehistoric Sicily

Powwow Calendar, Northwest

Priest, Laughlin, Thomas, Pedophile, Corvallis

Prince, the, Machiavelli, Nicolo

Printing Designs, 3-D


Pseudoephedrine, Oregon State Police Request for Sales Logs

Pugachev Rebellion

Puppets, Corvallis, Mathew Owen

Pusey, Joseph, Memorial

Puss In Boots

Putnam, George

Python, Monty, Spanish Inquisition

Quantrell, W., Bushwhacker

Quebec, History of

Quilts, Caring Hands

Quilts, Show Calendar

Quran, Reciter, Online

Radio Shows

Radio Stations, local

Radio, Invention of

Radioactivity and Untrained U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Railroads, Credit Mobilier


Rainey, Ma, Early Blues Musician


Rasputin, Gregori

Rasputin, Gregori,Assasination


'Rebel Yell', Only Existent Recording of Slavery's Battle Cry


Recipes, Russian

Reed, John, 10 Days That Shook the World

Reis, Jacob, How the Other Half Lives, 1890 Tenement Study

Remington, Frederic

Renoir, Jean, French Filmaker

Rent, the Play

Renters' Ordinance, City

Renters' Code, State

Renters, Students, Attorney

Reis, Sidi Ali, Mirror of Countries, 1557 A.D.

Revere, Paul, Silver

Reynolds, Douglas, Northwest Indian Art

Riel, Louis, Canada Rebellions

River Access Laws, Oregon

Riverside Speedway

Road Cams

Robeson, Paul

Robie, Edward, With Perry in Japan

Robin Hood's Collected Tales

Robin Hood's Adventure

Robin Hood, Further Ballads

Rochambeau, Marshall, and American Revolution

Rock and Roll, History of

Rockefeller, John D, Story of Standard Oil

Rodrigo Diaz De Vivar (El Cid)

Rogers, Will

Rogers, Will Recipe for Vodka

Rogue River Indian War

Roosevelt, Eleanor, Imprisonment of Japanese,WWII

Roosevelt, Eleanor, In Defense of Curiosity

Roosevelt, Franklin, On Germany's and Italy's Decisions to Leave the League of Nations

Roosevelt, Theodore, Mediator, Russo-American War

Roosevelt, Theodore,Petition concerning pogroms

Rosie the Riveter, Women of WWII

Ross, Alexander, Founding of Astoria: Death on the Bar

Roughing It, Mark Twain

Roy, Arundhati, Writer

Rubaiyat of Omar Khaiyyam

Rumi, Rubaiyat of

Rupert's Land Act, 1868, Canada, Surrender of Hudson Bay Co. Grant

Russia, Invasion of, U.S., WWI

Russia, Peter Romanov, the Great, 

Russian Old Believers

Russian Old Believers

Russians, in Corvallis

Russo-Japanese War

Sabaean Mandeans

Sager, Caterine,Survivor, Whitman Tragedy, Across the Plains in 1844

Salnon, Coyote Spreads

Salmonella Corvallis

Saroyan, William, Armenian American Playwright

Sartre, Jean Paul, Cookbook

Sartre, Jean Paul, No Exit


Sasquatch, Rescue of Early Settler


Savonarola, Reformation

Savonarola, Girolama, Seven Petitions of Our Father

Schermerhorn,Caroline, Wife, John Jacob Astor


Schizophrenia, Movies

Schools and Universities, Corvallis

Schools, Public Lands, Frauds

Scotland, Agreement with English Rebels to Overthrow Charles I

Science, Corvallis

Seattle General Strike 1919

Secular Society, Corvallis

Sepoy Rebellion ,English in Corvallis

Sepoy Revolt

Serial Killer, Brudos, Jerome, in Corvallis

Serial Killer, Bundy, Ted, in Corvallis

Serial Killer, Woodfield, Randall

Serial Killers in Corvallis

Seven Brothers in a Sauna

Seventh Day Adventists

Seymour, Jane, Birth of Edward VI

Sex Offenders, Benton County

Shah Jahan, Taj Mahal

Shahnazarian,Sempad, Armenian Experiences

Shakers, Second Great Awakening

Shakespeare, William, Works of

Sheridan, Phil, in Corvallis, Fort Hoskins

Sheriffs, Benton County

Sheriffs, History of the Office

Sherlock Holmes, Study in Scarlet

Sherman, William Tecumseh, Memoirs, vol.1, vol. 2

Sherman,William Tecumse, vs: the Vigilantes 

Shipley, Rueben and Mary

Siberia, Exiles, 1895 Photos

Siberia, Kennan's 1895 Magazine Serials

Shin, Everett, Ashcan School of Art

Siberia, Czarist Exile, Photographs

Sicily, Punic

Silk, Cultivation in Europe

Silk, History

Sinclair, Upton, The Jungle

Singer, Isaac Bashevis, Nobel Acceptance Speech

Sioux Sun Dance

Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo


Skiing, Snowboarding


Slave Accounts


Smith, Amanda, African American, Second Great Awakening

Smith, Bessie, Blues Musician, Early

Soapy Smith, Outlaw

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander, Gulags

Somaschi, Brothers

Southland, Louis

Spain, American Revolution

Spain, History of

Soros, George, and Iraq Letter

Spain, Prehistoric Art

Spain, Recent Immigrants

Spanish, Learn Online

Spanish American War

Spanish Civil War

Spencer, Nettie, Fourth of July, Corvallis, 1873

Spices, History of

Spice Trade, History of

Spitzer, Ralph and Therese, OSU Repression

Spoons, Playing

Sports Corvallis

Sports, Corvallis (II)

S.S. Corvallis, Liberty Ship

Stafford, Oregon Poet Laureate

Stalin, Joseph

St. Bartholemew's Day Massacre, France, Reformation

St Patricks' Day, Corvallis

St. Helen's Mount

St. Mary's, Corvallis

St. Nikolai, Wreck of

Stagl, Benjamin, Corvallis artist

Stand for Children

Starr, Blaze, Burlesque Dancer

Steel, Great Strike, 1919

Steffens, Lincoln, Reporter, Prize winning

Stowe, Harriet Beecher, Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin

Strayhorn, Billy, Jazz Musician

Strong, Anna Louise

Strike, Great Steel, 1919

Sturgiss, William, Journal, Sailor in the Fur Trade

Suffragettes, Local

Sullivan, Callan, Peace from Corvallis to Old Europe

Sumner, Charles, Senator, Savage Beating of

Sun Dance of the Sioux

Sunday, Billy

Surf, Traditional Hawaiian Prayer for

Surfboards, Ancient Pranctice of Making

Surfing, Ancient Royal

Surrealist Poetry, French, Breton, Andre

Surrealist poetry, French, Desnos, Robert

Taggers, Corvallis


Tales From Froissart

T'ai p'ing Rebellion

Tao Te Ching

Tapestry Stitches, Medieval

Tarbell, Ida, Reporter, Prize Winner, Standard Oil

Tatlin, Vladimir, Russian Artist

Tattoos, Corvallis

Tattoos, Removal, Corvallis

Tattoos, Russian Prison


Tecumseh, USS

Telegraph, Transatlantic Cable

Telegraph, Resources

Telegraph, Western Union

Ten Days That Shook the World

Tennyson, Alfred, Holy Grail

Texan-English Glossary

Texas, Declaration of Independence to Forestall Abolition of Slavery

Texas, Ordinance of Secession

The Compleat Angler

The World As I See It, Einstein

Theater and the Plague, Artaud

Thailand, Ken Bonn, on 6 months work in Corvallis as a landscaper

Theater, Local

Timofei Tarakanov, Wreck of the St. Nikolai

Titanic, U.S.S


Tlingit, Clothing

Tlingit, Oral History of the Nikolai story

Tlingit Poetry

Tojo, Hideki, Trial and Execution of, WWII

To-Dos, Corvallis

Tojo, Hideki, Trial

Toledo, Oregon Anti-Japanese Race Riot, 1928

Tolpuddle Martyrs

Tolverein (Gymnastics Clubs), and the German Forty Eighters)

Torquemada, Tomas, Inquisition Torturer, a Regrettable Life

Toxic Dumps, Corvallis

Townsend Killing, by Corvallis Police Officers

Traffic, Corvallis

Traffic Circles, Corvallis

Traffic Court, an Industry

Traffic Tickets, Avoiding

Trail of Tears, Cherokee

Trains, Amtrak Schedules and Rates

Trains, Freight Hopping

Trajan, the Emperor, Correspondence with Pliny the Younger

Trent, U.S.S.

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire II

Tsunami Relief

Tubman, Harriet

Tulips, in Corvallis

Tulip Wars

Tulsa Race Riot

Turkey to Alexander the Great

Turkish Caligraphy

Tutu, Desmond, Endorsement of Peltier, Leonard

Twain, Mark, and Clemens, Philomath

Twain, Mark, On the Chinese American Community

Twain, Mark, on the Spanish American War

Twain, Mark, Roughing It

Twain, Mark, Where Did All These Democrats Come From?

UFOs, Corvallis

Ukraine, Ninth Circle

Ulster Cycle, Cattle Raid of Cooley

U'ren, William Simon, Oregon Reforms

UFOs and Animal Disappearances

Ukrainian Literature, Ninth Circle

Ulster Cycle, Cattle Raid of Cooley

Uncle Tom's Cabin, Key

Undergroud Railroad

Urban Sprawl, Corvallis

U.S.-Tripolitan War

USDA Subsidies to Benton County


Vallandigham,Clement Larid, Biography

Vallandigham,Clement Larid, Military Trial  

Valentino, Rudolph

Valentino, Rudolph, Loss

Valentino, Rudolph, Movie Clips

Valentino, Rudolph, Rider of Jadaan

Vanderbilt, Cornelius

Vanport,WWII, Portland


Vazirani, Reetika, Poet


Venice, Walks Inside

Venice Film Festival


Vichy Government, a blow at

Victor, Francis Fuller

Video/DVD Rentals, Corvallis

Viet Nam, My Lai

Vigilantes, California, vs: William Tecumseh Sherman

Vigil, Courthouse, Nightly

Villani, Giovanni, Florentine Chronicle

Villard, Henry, Northern Pacific, 'Forty Eighters'

Vina Moses, History

VisiGothic Code

Vodka, Will Rogers' Recipe

Volga Boatmen, Cecil DeMille

Voltaire, Candide

Vonnegut, Kurt, Last Words for a Century

Wages and Temptations of Working People, Banks, Louis A. Homily

Wagon Roads

Walker, William, American mercenary, filibuster, Nicaragua

Wallace, Henry, Progressive

Walton, Izaak, The Compleat Angler,1605 A.D.

Waltz Across Texas

Wanted, Most, Benton County Sheriff

War of 1812, English Seizure of American Sailors

War of Jenkin's Ear

War of the Fleeing Wife

War of the Oaken Bucket

Ward, Artemus, War

Warhol, Andy, Painting of Huey Long


Waterfowl Hunting

Watershed Stewards

Way of the Samarai

Weast, Eugene (Gene) and the Volcano


Weaver, Roger, and the Parian Marble

Webtender,Mixed Drinks

Weiman, Carl, and Nobel Prize

Welles, Orson

West, Mae, arrest, belly dancing


Weyerhaeuser, George, Kidnapping of

Wharton, Nehemiah, Account of the English Civil War

Whitman, Narcissa, Journal

Whitman, Narcissa and Marcus, Killing and Trial

Whitman, Walt

Whitehurst, Teresa, Dr.

Wilhelm, Kaiser, Abdication

Wieman, Carl, Corvallis Nobel Prize Winner

Wilkes, Charles,  Antarctic Discoverer, and Corvallis

Wilkes, Charles, Trent Affair

William the Silent

William the Silent Report to the First `free' Assembly of States of Holland

William the Silent, Tomb

Willamette, Pioneer View, Experience

Willamette River  

Willamette River Keepers

Willamette River, Monster

Williams, William Appleman, OSU Professor Par Excellence

Wilson, Woodrow, Repression, WWI 

Windsurfing, Information

Wines, History

Wines, Spanish

Wines, Wine Tours


Winter War, Finland

Witch Trials, Salem

Women, OSU Dorm Rules, 1926

Women, Portland Shipbuilders, WWII

Women, WWII

Wood, Charles Erskine Scott, Oregon's Foremost Personality

Wood, Charles Erskine Scott, Defense of Marie Equi, WWI

Wood, Charles Erskine Scott, In Defense of Emma

Wood, Charles Erskine Scott, 1601, by Mark Twain

Woodfield, Randall

Woodsmen of the World, Local Cemetaries

Woodworking, Corvallis

Woodworking, Museums, Patterns

Wordsworth, William, Poem for Toussaint L'Ouverture

Woropay, Olga Ninth Circle, Ukraine

Wounded Knee

Writer, Breton, Andre, Surrealist note on friendship

Writer, Henry Longfellow, Bells of Christmas Day

Writer, Keller, Helen,  Christmas Bells

Writer, Corvallis, Bowman, Tim, Death of

Writer, Howe, Juliet, Ward, The Story of Mother's Day 

Writers, Corvallis


WWI, Eastern Front

WWII, Corvallis

WWII, Japanese incarceration, Corvallis

WWII, Women Shipbuilders, Portland

Wyeth, John, on Brother Nathaniel's Expedition

Wyeth, Nathaniel, Salmon Fishery

Wyler, Nat, Peasant Rebellion, England

Xavier, Francis, Letter

Xenophon, Anabasis

Xenophon, On Horsemanship

Yamamoto, Pearl Harbor Order

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Tide Pool Photos

Yeats, W.B., Irish Poet

Yiddish Music

Yiddish Poetry

Ynglinga Saga, or the Story of the Yngling Family from Odin to Halfdan the Black

York Mysteries, Puppets, Corvallis, Mathew Owens

Yusef, J. Ross Browne, A Journey to Oregon Via Syria 1853

Zen, And the Art of Divebombing, Way of the Samarai

Zimbabwe, Great

Zoetrope, Make your own

Zola, Emile, J'Accuse